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2014 – Indros Group Explores Experiture Spin-Off

Indros Group announces it may pursue a spin-off of Experiture, the world’s first Customer Experience Automation Platform.

2013 – Easypurl Announces Seventh Generation of its Industry-Leading Software

Not content with being the leader, Easypurl’s industry-leading software gets a major overhaul with a brand-new user interface.

2012 – Indros Group Acquires Assets of MMI Solutions

Indros Group enters healthcare marketing, acquiring the assets of MMI Solutions, provider of decentralized marketing and marketing automation platforms to the industry.

2011 – Easypurl Launches 20,000th Campaign

With hundreds of agencies and brands now using its SaaS platform, Easypurl surpasses the 20,000-campaign milestone in early Fall 2011

2010 – Indros Group Breaks Ground on Experiture Platform

Indros Group commences development of Experiture, the world’s first Customer Experience Automation software platform for enterprise marketers.

2009 – Easypurl Moves to the Cloud with Version 4

Portfolio company Easypurl invests in cloud computing — launching version 4 of its software as an easy-to-use, cross-platform SaaS offering.

2006 – Indros Group Launches Easypurl

For the first time in its history, Indros Group opens its technology to clients for self-service Integrated Marketing — and Easypurl is born.

2004 – Indros Group establishes Professional Services Division

In response to client demand, Indros Group’s professional services team begins offering turn-key Campaign Services

2002 – Indros Group “Mini-Store” Ecommerce Solution

The “mini-store” solution is launched in 2002 to provide c-commerce solutions to retailers.

2002 – Indros Group Founded

Indros Group is founded by Tej Kohli to start providing marketing technology to corporate clients.