Our History

March 2014

2014 – Indros Group Explores Experiture Spin-Off

Indros Group announces it may pursue a spin-off of Experiture, the world’s first Customer Experience Automation Platform.

January 2013

2013 – Easypurl Announces Seventh Generation of its Industry-Leading Software

Not content with being the leader, Easypurl’s industry-leading software gets a major overhaul with a brand-new user interface.

February 2012

2012 – Indros Group Acquires Assets of MMI Solutions

Indros Group enters healthcare marketing, acquiring the assets of MMI Solutions, provider of decentralized marketing and marketing automation platforms to the industry.

June 2011

2011 – Easypurl Launches 20,000th Campaign

With hundreds of agencies and brands now using its SaaS platform, Easypurl surpasses the 20,000-campaign milestone in early Fall 2011

January 2010

2010 – Indros Group Breaks Ground on Experiture Platform

Indros Group commences development of Experiture, the world’s first Customer Experience Automation software platform for enterprise marketers.

October 2009

2009 – Easypurl Moves to the Cloud with Version 4

Portfolio company Easypurl invests in cloud computing — launching version 4 of its software as an easy-to-use, cross-platform SaaS offering.